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P5 DJ Table Indoor LED Screen

P5 DJ Table Indoor LED Screen

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Customised LED Shape DJ Table

Various shape of LED DJ displays can be customised by KENSUN LED. We have lots of irregular modules to suit customer's requirements. It is no need to open another new module mould. It could save a great of your cost.

Main features

High Refresh Rate

This DJ booth display refresh rate could reach over 3,840Hz and the contrast ratio could reach to 5000:1.

High Stable Performance

It has a double back-up design, which can perform 24/7 continous work in the DJ bars. It is widely used in KTVs, Night Bars, Clubs and other relative entertainment places.

Pixel pitch: 5mm

Density of Pixel: 40,00dots/m2

LED Size: SMD2121

Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B

Best viewing distance: >5m

Driving Method: 1/1 scan

Brightness: >1,200nits

Refresh Rate: >3840HzMax